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The power of innovation is immense. The Digital Learning revolution nurtured this pandemic into a productive one.

About Us

We are an organization that seeks to promote critical thinking in schools throughout Africa. The current job market, which still seems to be stubbornly hanging onto higher unemployment rates in many sectors, does have available jobs that outnumber those applying for them. Despite the strong demand for STEM jobs, many women as well as certain members of under-represented minority groups are not entering the technology arena due to, among other reasons, shortcomings in Grade R-12 education. We are inspired by the STEM education reform taking place throughout Africa, we believe that STEM instruction “requires everything from more challenging curriculums and more demanding parents to better support for teachers and new ways to measure how well our children think.”

Popular activities that encourage young people to seriously consider engineering and science include PARC (Pan African Robotics championship), which annually stages robotics and LEGO competitions that emphasize the fun side of engineering, while teaching important science, math and team-working lessons to pre-college students. It is with such organizations that we would like to level the playing field and try and make educational robots as affordable as they are ought to be.

kloud EP Pledge


By weight, there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans, by the year 2050. (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2016). Plastic is durable, strong and long-lasting… great qualities until you realize they will last approximately 600 years in our oceans! In 2016, 1/3 of fish surveyed on the South Coast (UK) contained plastic. These figures have been recorded but imagine how our great continent will suffer if we don’t do it soon… how do your fish & chips taste now? OVER 9 MILLION TONS of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year and each year the numbers increase. We want to reduce Africa’s footprint on waste and we hope to get partners that will walk the journey with us.


Put an end to the senseless waste that is single-use plastic. We aim to promote computer re-use and rebuilds in the private and public sectors. Changing technology and computer breakdowns lead to millions of tons of waste in discarded computers each year. Through campaigning, education and political lobbying, we can create institutional change and put an end to this growing problem.

Our Products


Multiform land explorer

mBot Ranger is an advanced version of mBot, that comes with 3 preset forms, for three times the fun! From construction and operation through to programming, Ranger allows children to receive STEAM education in a simple and fun way. Ranger also gets children started on robot programming, advancing with them as they grow and develop their problem solving abilities

Robotic Arm Kit

Robot arm kit comprising more than 550 mechanical parts and electronic modules for 10 custom robots and many more maker projects.

  • Works perfectly with advanced programmable bot
  • Advanced inverse kinematics positioning control using mouse
  • Includes medium duty wrist rotate upgrade
  • Includes new SSC-32U servo controller board
  • Includes everything you need to control the arm from a personal computer (USB port)
  • Assembled version available

MakeBlock Bot (MBB)

  • MakeBlock mBot v2 Blue STEM Educational Programmable Robot (2.4G)
  • Offers hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics
  • Is easy to assemble and blue coloured
  • Is based on Scratch 2.0 and Arduino IDE
  • Supports wireless connection via 2.4Ghz
  • Ages: 12+

Sphero BOLT Programmable RobotRobotic Arm Kit

  • Sphero BOLT Programmable Robot
  • Features Sphero’s most advanced coding robotic ball
  • Provides endless learning opportunities for students
  • Equipped with advanced robot sensors
  • Display custom graphics and real-time data
  • Ages: 8+

Mini Trooper – Smartphone App Controlled Battle BotMakeBlock Bot (MBB)

  • MakeBlock mBot v2 Blue STEM Educational Programmable Robot (2.4G)
  • Offers hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics
  • Is easy to assemble and blue coloured
  • Is based on Scratch 2.0 and Arduino IDE
  • Supports wireless connection via 2.4Ghz
  • Ages: 12+

Other Services

Future workplace

The pandemic was a wakeup call for most organizations to move their operations online and with this most companies have resorted to working from home permanently. Thus may sound economical but effective IT infrastructure and support needs to be in place. Everything’s changing, and never more so than since the Internet of Things (IoT) began to play a role. The IoT has set the scene for a technological revolution, as the machines of all shapes and sizes location at home, in the office and surrounding our lives begin to communicate and automate tedious tasks and workloads, take care of our needs and allow us to focus on core business.

Business Innovation

we aim to mirror the Big cooperate players and endeavor to offer the same technology at a fraction of what the major corporations do. We want to level up the playing field so that there isn’t a difference between a startup and a traditional tech corporation. Our teams are focused on giving shape to ideas in a creative environment, through technology and business incubation.

Passionate about creating new technologies to improve the lives of our African community, we have a strong focus on collaborating and co-innovating with clients, start-up companies, academics and leading-edge partners to develop new offerings in the areas of digital workplace, sensing & information management, business technology and healthcare.

Content Management

Document management solutions and software provide the ability to capture documents in electronic format and store them on a network or in the cloud for your employees to access almost instantaneously. It allows you to know who accessed files and who made changes. It allows you to allow or deny file access to individual users or groups. Approved users can easily access their documents by searching for keywords or actual content within the file from any mobile device or PC We are responsible for Application Licences for Schools and Charities throughout Africa.

Green Environment

Let’s REDUCE & REUSE, you can start now and we are here to help.

Save Time By Automating Manual Tasks:
Gain a competitive edge by automating administrative or governance tasks that take up too much time and too many resources.

Reducing Paper:
If your office is like most other offices, then the thought of clearing out the clutter and paper overload is probably a daunting task.

Document Access Anytime, Anywhere:
Your employees can quickly access data when they need it from a PC or mobile device, no matter where they are.

IT Simplification:
No need to create complex programming for your computer network to benefit from effective paper management solutions

Simplified User Experience:
Network users will appreciate the easy-to-use process that benefits both them and your business.

Our Solutions

We offer a variety of bespoke solutions and have a design team ready to guide you through.
Our solutions include both hardware and software which expends to e – waste disposal and refurbished equipment.
Some of our offerings include the following;

We offer an ethical and secure option for organisations of all sizes. We provide free data wiping, asset tracking, and all the required forms. KLOUD EP's IT Disposal service collects IT equipment from businesses and organisations of all sizes. We professionally refurbish tablets, phones, computers and other devices donated by companies like yours, and reuse them in South African schools and underprivileged communities to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn basic 21st-century skills and to reduce the waste from electronics.

KloudEP provides installation and ongoing support for all wired and wireless networking needs. Our consultants can assist with network infrastructure design, server room setups, cable & cabinet installations, network cleanups, as well as switch, router and firewall configurations. Find out more about our LAN, WAN, cabling and porting services.

Monitor and control the use of all IoT devices with ease. Add devices such as scanners, trackers, sensors and monitors to your network seamlessly. Get set up with a full dashboard view of all data gathered from your IoT devices.

Our firewall security systems will ensure protection of your data. Prevent cyber criminals from gaining unauthorized access to your private network with our cyber security solutions. Equip your business with CCTV video surveillance and biometric access control systems to reduce the risk of theft and increase health & safety.


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We are an organization that seeks to promote critical thinking
in schools throughout Africa.

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